Times of Services


Sunday and Week Day schedule (please wait for image above to load) at the parish. Chapel opens 7am-9pm daily.

• Please note that the Times of Services is subject to change. For confirmation on the timings, please refer to the latest parish bulletin.


27 Replies to “Times of Services”

    1. Dear Wendy,

      At the moment we have not set up a electronic mailing list system to send out our twice a month bulletin. For the time being, please take note that the bulletin can be directly viewed or downloaded from our bulletin page by clicking here.

  1. I attended the 0830 mass this morning (13/10/2013) and was utterly disappointed that not even a mention was made of the impending Court of Appeal decision tomorrow (14/10/2013) with regard to the usage of the word “Allah” by Malaysian Christians. The significant number of the affected Christians are those resident in the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. As such, it is rather shocking that a special intention was not included in the Prayers of the Faithful, or at some other point during the Mass. Whereas our brothers and sisters in West Malaysia have been holding special prayers, vigils and masses for this intention. Shame on us East Malaysian Catholics!

    Andrew Amaladoss

  2. Need to know st. Simon’s service timetable for holy thursday, Friday mass & Saturday mass? Appreciate your help. Tx

    1. Dear Jennifer,

      The Holy Week schedule is available on the main page. But if you have trouble finding it, here is the schedule:

      – Holy Thursday (7.30pm)
      – Good Friday (3pm)
      – Easter Vigil (7.30pm)

      Hope that helps! See you in church.

      God bless!

    1. Dear Jennifer,

      The Holy Week Schedule for 2015 is as follows:

      Holy Thursday – 7.30pm
      Good Friday – 3pm (Church will only be opened at 12.30pm)
      Easter Vigil – 7.30pm
      Easter Sunday – 5pm (only ONE Mass, no morning Mass)

      God bless!

  3. Hello,

    I would like to know when is pre marriage course available at St.Simon’s church? Please reply me via email. Tq

  4. Hello,

    The Church Timetable states that the chapel is open from 7am to 9pm. Is it open daily?
    This is because I would like to have some ‘quiet time’ with the Lord. Is it allowed – like what Sacred Heart and Stella Maris does?
    Thank you.

  5. Im going to kk this chinese new year and i wish i can join ash wednesday so i need to know the time masa begin thank you

  6. Hello.
    Could someone please tell me the time for Christmas Day morning mass? This is probably my first visit to the church. Thanks in advance.
    Priscilla Chin

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