Ministries & Groups

Ministry/Group Leader
Altar servers** Joshua Lin
Boys Brigade Godfrey Moey
Building & Maintenance Thomas Chong
Catholic Schools Fellowship Winnie Kual*
Children Liturgy of the Word** Cecilia Yih
Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion (EMC)** Francis Liew
Family Life & Canteen Irene Liew*
Intercessory** Lucy Wang*
Legion of Mary Thomas Chong
Liturgy Jenny Tsen
Maintenance & Housekeeping Thomas Chong
Mission Derek Chong*
Music (Choir)** Audrey James Ansibin
Pastoral Care For the Sick, Aged & Needy Vera Chin*
Prayer for the Dead** Anne Wong*
Readers & Commentators** Gerry Benjamin*
Rite of Christian Initiation Of Adults (RCIA) Magdalene Chu*
Sacristy & Environment** David Funk
Social Communication (Soccom) Tracy Lim
Sunday School Theresa Ham
Wardens** Arthur Sebangkit
Youth Mirina Lim*

** denotes sub-ministries

* some links may need users to sign in to their Facebook accounts to view


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