Soccom Team

Soccom – or Social Communications – Ministry of St Simon Catholic Church Likas comprises these hardworking team of parishioners (see below) gifted in the field of communication. If you are interested to share your talents in this field, do contact us by leaving a line or two in the comment box below!

Advisor: Fr Cosmas Lee

Secretary: Cecilia Funk

Official photographers: Douglas Yu, Joan Pang

Videographers: Edward Ansibin, Michael Ansibin

Chairperson: Tracy Lim

Regular contributors: Vera Chin, Joan Pang, Mirina Lim, Tracy Lim, Teresa Ham

Website team: Tracy Lim, Nicholas Chong, Audrey J Ansibin

Bulletin article contributors: Fr Cosmas Lee, Tracy Lim, Harold Ong, Marie Fernandez, Allison Wong, Andrea Wong, Judy Chang, Winnie Kual, Janet Roberts, Vera Chin, Natasha Thomas Ansibin


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