Parish Bulletin

10 December 2017 – Sharing this Advent Journey with my Neighbors

26th November 2017 – Christ the King

12th November 2017 – “Be Wise! Stay Awake”

29th October 2017 – The Strength of the House We Live in

15th October 2017 – A Youth’s Reflection: Gift of Time

1st October 2017 – Be Humble and Hear God’s all for you!

17th September 2017 – Forgiveness

3rd September 2017 – Why me, Lord?

20th August 2017 – A House of Prayer for Peoples

6th August 2017 – Lord, Show Us your Glory!

23rd July 2017 – Mary Magdalene

9th July 2017 – Let’s Be Spirit Filled !

25th June 2017 – A Youth’s Reflection: Standing Fearless in a Fear-filled World   *** UPDATED 

11th June 2017 – A Youth’s Reflection: Spread Love and Make Peace

28th May 2017 – Suffering

14th May 2017 – My Journey Home

30th April 2017 – Journeying with the Risen Lord

16th April 2017 – Easter Sunday

02nd April 2017 – Jesus the Resurrection and the Life

19th March 2017 – A Thirst for God

05th March 2017 – Christ, The Second Adam

19th February 2017 – Love God And Neighbour

05th February 2017 – Living by the Beatitudes in today’s world

22nd January 2017 – The Light of Christ vs the light of the world 

08th January 2017 – Epiphany of the Lord: The Salvation Story of Mankind Through the Magis

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8 Replies to “Parish Bulletin”

  1. Would appreciate if the commentator could introduce the priest’s name who relieves Fr Cosmas each Sunday before mass begins.

    Thank you & God bless.

    1. Dear Jeffrey, so sorry for the late reply. There was Evening Mass last Sunday (Oct 22). But there will be NO Evening Mass this coming Sunday (Oct 29) as the parish is celebrating the St Simon Feast Day during the Morning Mass, followed by makan-makan at the hall. Hope to see you there!

      1. Ok. Thank you and sorry for late reply. Is st simon held mass everyday? And is there a confession before mass on weekdays? If yes what time will be the confession and mass time

      2. Yes, Jeffrey. There is daily Mass at St Simon Church Likas from Monday to Friday, except on Saturday. The confession is before the Sunday Masses in the morning and evening services. For more info, please check out our “Times and Services” page. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hello there, I would like to know the available confession schedule in St Simon Church Likas.. is it before the Sunday evening Mass? Thank you

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