Parish Bulletin

15th October 2017 – A Youth’s Reflection: Gift of Time

1st October 2017 – Be Humble and Hear God’s all for you!

17th September 2017 – Forgiveness

3rd September 2017 – Why me, Lord?

20th August 2017 – A House of Prayer for Peoples

6th August 2017 – Lord, Show Us your Glory!

23rd July 2017 – Mary Magdalene

9th July 2017 – Let’s Be Spirit Filled !

25th June 2017 – A Youth’s Reflection: Standing Fearless in a Fear-filled World   *** UPDATED 

11th June 2017 – A Youth’s Reflection: Spread Love and Make Peace

28th May 2017 – Suffering

14th May 2017 – My Journey Home

30th April 2017 – Journeying with the Risen Lord

16th April 2017 – Easter Sunday

02nd April 2017 – Jesus the Resurrection and the Life

19th March 2017 – A Thirst for God

05th March 2017 – Christ, The Second Adam

19th February 2017 – Love God And Neighbour

05th February 2017 – Living by the Beatitudes in today’s world

22nd January 2017 – The Light of Christ vs the light of the world 

08th January 2017 – Epiphany of the Lord: The Salvation Story of Mankind Through the Magis

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2 Replies to “Parish Bulletin”

  1. Would appreciate if the commentator could introduce the priest’s name who relieves Fr Cosmas each Sunday before mass begins.

    Thank you & God bless.

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